A Gorgeous Portrait of a Beautiful Bride

I haven’t posted to my blog in awhile, preferring instead to post my pictures to Facebook. However, it seems a lot harder to tell the stories behind the pictures on Facebook, so while things have slowed down a little for the winter I am going to go back and visit some of my favorite images and share the story behind them and why they are so special to me.

I’ll start with a portrait of Megan, a gorgeous bride whose wedding I shot in October. She was getting ready at her fiance’s house but things weren’t going according to plan. She was running a little late and we didn’t get a chance to shoot any portraits of her at home where she was getting ready. As soon as she was ready we had to dash to the church for the ceremony, leaving me with no time at all. We arrived at South Fork Baptist Church in Hodgenville and I ran around like a crazy person shooting detail shots and a few of the guys finishing up their preparation. Once I had those images safely in the camera I went looking for Megan. I found her relaxing with her bridesmaids in a Sunday school classroom. It was only five minutes before the start of the ceremony, but she had had a little time to relax with her friends in a Sunday school classroom and was looking very calm and beautiful.

A classroom is not usually the ideal place to shoot portraits but there wasn’t a lot of time to go anywhere else. I did noticed a north facing window with some nice light, and knew I could use that to make a lovely picture. I had Megan sit on the window sill so she was as close as she could be to the window, and I took a series of images. The one below was my favorite of the series, and I think it looks great in color and in high-key black and white. I can’t decide which I like better :) Both versions are posted below. Enjoy!


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